One of the PMU Fillies from Last Year’s Foal Gentling Needs Your Help!

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ROTH raised around $30,000 in support of 15 former Premarin (PMU) foals born in Canada last year.  We were fortunate to capture the foal gentling class on video and follow the progress of the foals from day 1 through to day 6.  A number of foals have found their permanent homes both in CT and AZ.  Its because of you we were able to make this rescue happen.  Aria, a young Palomino filly, captured the hearts of many.  Since the class Aria has spent her life at Ray of Light Farms in Connecticut and most recently it was discovered that she was in dire need of surgery.  In support of our foals we ask you to open your hearts once again and if at all possible put your hands in your pocket.  A few words from the founder of ROL:

The pictures were taken the day of her surgery and show the process of her preparation, surgery, bandaging, trip to the recovery room, waking up, and patiently waiting inher stall after surgery, waiting for her fan to turn on. We discovered while she was at the New England Equine Surgical Center that she REALLY likes fans.

The surgical center is located in Dover, New Hampshire. they have done a wonderful job with two others of our premarin rescues who have suffered from OCD – a somewhat common bone disorder in large breed horse. Aria is the third premarin foal that we have had to take there. They removed 9-10 small bone chips that had chipped off in her right hock. Her other joints, fortunately, did not display the same condition in the x-rays.
Aria returned home last Friday, and is expected to make a full recovery from her surgery. She will be on stall rest for a month with handwalking 2-3 times a day, after which she will be allowed a small turnout space for another 4 weeks.
We are now in the process of trying to recover the medical costs, which came to just under $3000. Any help that comes our way would be greatly appreciated.



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