ROTH joins forces with Friends Of A Legacy to gentle and find homes for 10 Wyo BLM Mustangs

Imagine being pulled out of your home, away from your family and friends and taken to an unknown place where you are introduced to foreigners who do not speak your language. This is exactly what these symbols of freedom so often experience.

This August in Cody, WY Anna Twinney and her team of instructors and students will gentle 1o BLM Mustangs. ROTH has had two successful years of the Reach Out To the Untouched Horse Clinics gentling mustangs adopted by FOAL board member, Michaele Dimock, This year is different because FOAL has worked with the BLM to foster 10 mustangs from different Wyoming HMAs . The hope is to get each individual horse gentled, introduced to tack, and then find them homes, while teaching the art of gentling mustangs through the ROTH peaceful methodologies to students. By understanding and attuning to these magnificent creatures, and seeing the world through their eyes, students will begin to master their language. They will learn how to socialize them, create trust & value in a relationship and identify their motivation & learning styles.

You can view the other four videos by visiting the FOAL website: You will also find a link to the BLM’s adoption form.

Friends Of A Legacy is a non-profit mustang advocacy group based in Cody, Wy whose mission is to preserve and to protect the herds of the McCullough Peaks HMA mustangs. By funding the PZP vaccines FOAL hopes to maintain zero population growth in the herd, thereby eliminating the need for gathers. They have installed two watering systems not only for the horses, but also all the wildlife and livestock in the HMA. They have also purchased 160 acres of land bordering three sides of this HMA and have plans to build a visitor center. This dedicated group has made great strides in the last seven years, and is a worthy organization to donate to!

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