FREE online subscription to Natural Horse Magazine for ROTH fans!

Natural Horse Magazine is extending a special offer  for all members, a free 1-Year Online subscription to Natural Horse Magazine.

Free Online Magazine benefits:

  • In two formats- viewable online and a downloadable PDF – read it on your computer anytime, or anywhere
  • PC, Mac, IPad compatible – Adobe PDF reader available free – if not already installed on your computer
  • It is faster – never wait for the postal service to reach you
  • Planet friendly – save trees – no ink and paper necessary
  • Reader friendly – print, search, zoom & highlight articles
  • Internationally accessible (internet required)!
  • Instant notification – email notification when the next issue is ready to be downloaded or viewed online
  • High quality vector graphics
  • Soon we will have IPhone, IBook, ePub and Kindle support


Sample available here


Other benefits:

The below discount code will work for 1 and 2  year Online and Print subscriptions.  This code can be used for any member, if your are already a subscriber it will be applied toward renewing. To use the code please go to our store or call us at 610-926-0427/800-660-8923.


The special discount code is  “roth2012” , no quotes .  This can be used in these different ways to get a NHM subscription.


1 Year Online subscription is $15.95 – $0 / free after discount.

1 Year Combined (Print and Online) subscription is $31.95 – $16.00 after discount (plus postage if outside the US).


Order any 1 or 2 Year Online//Combined subscription from our store and use the above code during checkout to get $15.95 off of your order. Only one discount can be use per person.


This offer will expire Dec, 2012.

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