Client Testimonial

Hi Anna,

Your classes are always excellent, but session #1 was like WOW! Recently I had visited a horse facility where a friend was taking horseback riding lessons. My first impression was that the horses were dead. Evidently they’re trained to be “safe.” I got a glimpse of their training methods and heard their lack of respect for the horse, but I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong until I heard these three words in session #1: dominance, flooding, and freeze. I think these horses are in freeze mode. If I’m right, it must be a horrific stress for them. This insight also made me realize how lucky I am that I was introduced to horses by you. It was your Reiki for Horses class a couple of years ago at Equine Voices. I don’t think I’d ever been so far outside my comfort zone, but you gently helped me make the leap from comfort zone to where the magic is. That class was the first step on a journey that brings me joy.

Thank you for your passion, for your insights, and for being you. Sally


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