TX Veterinary Board to stop natural medicine practice

Currently the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has rules that limit the use of all homeopathic, holistic, natural, and alternative therapies except under the direct supervision of a veterinarian. Up until now there has been little enforcement of this rule. After the adoption of revisions at their Board meeting on March 27, they are expected to enforce this these rules.
This will limit horse owners’ choices and drive qualified and capable health care providers out of business. This will also increase dramatically the cost of horse ownership, and in today’s economy, this hurts all horse owners.
This petition is to ask the Board to suspend Rule 523.10 and set up a committee to determine scope of practice for non-veterinarians.  We, the horse-owners of Texas, want a choice and do not want to be forced to go through a veterinarian for all health maintenance and preventative care. This is not an area for government control over our lives and our money. It is our right to choose the path for healing our animals. PLEASE reconsider this ruling. Thank you, Patty P.

This petition will be taken to the  vet board, and your signature and comments are important and do count.  5000 signatures are needed immediately!


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