March Reiki Class Testimonials

CO Reiki group March 2012

Amanda Puckett       –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Going on this journey helped me to not only find a part of myself, but to become more connected with the energies of this Universe that many of my believes are strong rooted in.  Many doors are already beginning to open themselves up to me.  My journey is far from over and now I know that I have the base to go in the direction that I need.”


Alicia Puckett            –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Never could I have imagined the many ways Reiki would/could change my life.  This journey has been nothing short of magical!  I would encourage others to follow their dreams and discard any self-doubt – with Reiki all things are possible.


Brittany Puckett        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“Had a lovely experience.  Came into this expecting less than I actually got out.  I loved the practices we did and surrounding people I shared my time with.  Fun.  Challenging. Enjoyable.  Personal growth achieved.”


Carol Townsend        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“This experience has produced for me a life changing release of built up negativity that has impacted my body adversely.  Through Reiki I was able to release harmful blockages and can now see clearly my way to a healthier, happier and more productive and satisfying life.”


Denise Dollar             –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“I encourage anyone that is interested in Reiki to join Anna in embracing their power to give and receive.  You will find yourself in a safe space to explore, learn and the courage to take the next step on your life’s path.  Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart.”


Janet Rutigliano        –           Golden, CO    March 2012

“This weekend was truly a healing and transformational journey for me – one that I know has opened me to a new path in my life.  I had been receiving the call to Reiki for many years, and I am grateful that I finally listened to my higher self and answered the call.  I will never look at life, nature, and the universe the same way again.  My thanks to Anna for guiding us through this life-changing experience.”

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