Animal Communication Testimonial

Hi Anna and Vin,

Aja and I last summer.

Wishing to thank you so much for doing this. Still very grateful, Anna, also for your communication with Aja last year. It brought us even closer.

I am busy with a Bowen exam for small animals (CCMRT – Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy) and have started for horses, too (EMRT – Equine Muscle Release therapy), so haven’t had the chance to be with you at the actual time, but wish to thank you of all my heart for recording it, so that I can catch up! Have just started listening to session 2, so know, I’ll have a lot of exiting hours to go!

All the dogs signing up for Bowen. Used the animal communication with all of them, thank you!

Love from Bente.

P.S. Remember the Ki Atsu? I did get the Reiki I and II now, too, so shall order your DVD, too – thank you. Vin, also thank you for your marvelous medizations – bought them all last time, Anna was here (last summer).

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