Reiki for Horses Testimonial

Last spring I took Anna Twinney’s Reiki I course and Reiki For Horses as my first introduction to energy heaaling. I have observed and then copied from memory different techniques practiced by different practioners in the past, but never had real training. My intentions, at the time, were to add the training to my small collection of techniques I used occasionally on my horses. During the Reiki for Horses, I saw how the horses responded to the various hand positions and understood the significance of the chakras, energy flow, and their connection to the body, beyond where my hands were placed. Since that ccourse, I have used the Reiki on several horses besides my own, and they all have responded with definite relaxation, communicating by moving forward or backwards to reposition my hands on their body, or nudging my arm with their muzzle for more in another location. Whether I was using the Reiki for muscle stiffness, colicky symptoms, a sore back, mare moodiness, or helping a horse on stall rest, others around me and I could clearly see an improvement in the horse’s attitude and symptoms. After experiencing Reiki, most horses, when asked, will eagerly indicate they would like you to give them a Reiki treatment.
I have used Reiki with my very skeptical husband when he was experiencing sinus problems on vacation, and he said he could feel the sinus passages start draining shortly after I began the healing. That was an amazing moment for both of us because he had been a disbeliever in energy healing techniques until that moment! The next day he was able to go on a hike and jeep trip over dusty roads in the moountains!
If you are considering taking either or both Reiki I or Reiki For Horses with Anna Twinney, you will find you will be using your new skills and knowledge with your animals, your family, and friends. I am now planning to continue my training by taking Reiki II with Anna to broaden my understanding and abilities with this incredibly powerful and rewarding healing energy.
Thank you, Anna, for opening my mind and heart to a new understanding, knowlege, and training using energy  healing for my animals and family, and possibly as part of a new direction for my future. You have been an inspiration in the world of Natural Horsemanship. The horses thank you, too!

Tina Fonda-Casper

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