7 Things Your Horse Wants You to Know

From Anna’s Lecture at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

Animal Communication – The Real Deal with Anna Twinney

7 things your horse wants you to know:

  1. In and ideal world we would spend all of our time with our horses, but life often seems to get in the way.   Because we don’t see them all the time, we cannot always be aware of their experiences throughout the day. Maybe they woke up on the wrong side of the stall, or their companion passed away, or was sold.  Perhaps something spooked them or they feel under the weather.  Before you enter their stall or paddock, find out what is happening in their world.
  2. How often have we gone to the barn to cry on our horse’s shoulder?  Some horses willingly accept their role as “healer”, while others prefer you to leave your baggage outside the stall.   Being masters of reading energy they pick up on emotions and are immediately affected by your thoughts.  Some feel put upon, while others feel it’s their fault. It can be challenging for them to understand what you are going through.  Horses prefer joy and serenity and it’s from this place they wish you to visit.
  3. Many times we have goals and lesson plans in mind when “training” horses. But this doesn’t always allow the horse to have a voice.  Make a plan, but be flexible.  Listen to your heart, your intuition and above all your horse.  Maybe today you sit with your horse as he eats and experience the magic of togetherness.
  4. So often we fill any silence with noise.  Well it’s time to put the cell phone down, stop the constant chatter with our riding buddy, and instead, be present, connect with your horse and nature.  Let your horse show you how to be in the now.
  5. How would you feel if you couldn’t follow your dreams or your destiny?  Trapped?  Lost?  Stuck?  Maybe you would act out or fall into depression.  Horses also have a personal path, a destiny to follow.  Your horse’s dreams may not fit perfectly with yours but, as you would with any partner, consider their wishes too.
  6. Unlike our canine companions, horses are often sold when they no longer fit in, discarded when the show is over, or let go at first sign of pain or lameness.  Remember, to them you are family and your home is their home.  They trust you.  Retire them with ease, considering what makes them happy. Repay them with the same unconditional kindness and devotion they gave you for their entire life.
  7. You may feel it’s “time for your horse to cross over.”  Before you make any decisions, connect with your companion and listen to their last wishes.  They may share where, when and how they wish to cross over; who they wish to have present; the time they need to visit, say their “good byes” and share their messages.  Remember to give them this final chance.

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