Animal Communication Testimonial


Thank you for reaching out to Chance for us.  Chance came through loud and clear and we were very encouraged!  You were right on, and we were so impressed with your accuracy.  It was amazing that Chance brought up some keen observations from our relationship with another horse, Sunny, showing that those two horses communicated among themselves and that Sunny passed things on to him.  That’s simply amazing!  It brought us so much comfort to hear things from their perspective, and really warmed our hearts.  We’re glad they got to know each other.  It’s become obvious that their time together with us has made a greater impact than we thought.  Communicating in this way has made a tremendous difference in our relationship with a much deeper level of understanding.  It has brought us peace and reassurance, laughter and hope, and some beautiful, authentic, heartfelt memories that will never be forgotten.  Thought I’d share a couple beautiful pics of these two guys together this past summer.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents to enable us to truly connect with the animals in our lives!

~ Charlotte and Janine (Ohio)

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