Home Needed for Ruby the Dog

Hi Anna,

I hate to bother you as I know you are so busy…but I also think you might know of someone who would really appreciate a very sweet, but very good, smart, working dog. Ruby needs to find a new home. She has been staying with us temporarily, but

she isn’t relaxed around our cats (though she doesn’t chase squirrels or bunnies outside). I also want her to find her forever home before she gets too attached to us. I am so impressed with her absolute mastery over voice commands…and I think she would make someone who can appreciate the drive, willingness, and smarts of a true working dog very happy. Thanks for your consideration to pass this on to others. Thank you so much. In gratitude. Kristie

From her owner who has to give her up due to life circumstances:

Here are a few things worth knowing about Ruby:

1. She’s very well trained. I got her when she was just barely over 1 year old and I spent countless hours working with her. She can do anything from give high-fives to kids to stop dead in her tracks while running and sit down so that I can catch up if I tell her to wait.

2. She is a people dog. She wants to make you happy above all. She has never been anything but happy and cuddly with kids through adults.

3. She needs a little leadership. She learns rules very fast and is happiest when you ask something of her (like a true working dog).

4. She’s a snuggler. While she is high energy when outside and playing, when she is inside she just wants to cuddle and be mellow – not so characteristic of a cattle dog!

5. She’ll be three in March and still has her puppy face.

6. She doesn’t need to be told twice.

7. She is constantly being complimented on what a beautiful dog she is (on walks, on runs, around town), and I’ve tried to not let it get to her head.

8. She doesn’t bark much. Only if truly startled or around another dog that is barking.

9. She has been my shadow. She will go into the next room, she will wait patiently outside the shower, she will ask permission to jump up on the bed in the morning, and she will sleep under a desk at work.

10. She is the best running buddy you’ll ever have.



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