She said “Yes,” her horse said “NO”

Reach Out to Horses presents…

The Exclusive Animal Communication
6-Session Teleclass Series with International
Animal Communicator Anna Twinney

Hi Anna,  Anna here again.

More than any other reason, people call me for help with behavior issues.  They call upset and frustrated, sometime, even with tears flowing because they are at their wit’s end.  They don’t know what to do and they are contemplating giving up their animal, or worse, because they just don’t know what to do!

Maybe their “little angel” started being aggressive to the cat.  Or, out of the clear blue sky their horse has started to bite at them whenever they got too close.

One of my students, let’s just call him “Mel,” is a professional horse trainer.  Like me, he’s often called in to solve behavior issues with both young and old horses.  Sometimes he’ll use clicker training, other times, more traditional, humane methods to lead the horse to proper manners around people.

One case in particular really called on ALL his abilities, including the animal communication skills I coached him in several years ago.

A client’s horse had suddenly and unexpectedly bucked her off while taking a bareback pleasure ride around the property.  They’d both enjoyed these rides, at least that’s what the owner thought until this incident.

“Senator” had been her partner for many years, serving as both a wonderful riding lesson horse and relaxing riding partner.  Mel’s client was now afraid to ride her beloved horse, it had shaken her so much.

He brought both of them to the round pen, and after hearing a brief description of what went on from her, he knew the answer would come directly from Senator.  So, he “tuned” into the horse to start a conversation.

Senator was all too willing to discuss the matter.  Seems his partner had been under quite a bit of strain lately, and whenever she rode him, Senator said she wasn’t “connected” to him, and wasn’t fully present.  Senator told him if she didn’t want to totally be with him, then she could just get off and stay off.  Senator shared this had been going on for quite some time, and he’d finally had enough.

Courtesy of Lauren Munger

So, Mel asked Senator if it would be okay to talk with her about what he said, and he gavepermission.  After a brief talk with the client, Mel asked Senator if it would be okay for her to get on.  He said okay.

Mel had her step up the steps and mount Senator bareback, and took the lead rope from her hands.  Slowly, Mel led Senator from further and further away, relaying from Senator how he wanted her to sit, trust, and connect with him as they rode.  Her fear slowly faded, eyes misted with joyful tears, and they both relaxed and started enjoying the ride together.

Can you imagine how delightful it is to get right to the source of any problem behavior by connecting and carrying on a “conversation” with your companion? 

Imagine, for just a minute, how wonderful it would be if you could find out the reason for misbehavior and partner with your companion for a solution.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a course in animal communication.  Maybe the time, travel or cost has limited your opportunities.

These reasons needn’t limit you anymore.  Starting February 1st and continuing for SIX WEEKS, I’ll be conducting my animal communication workshop in a webinar format, complete with lecture, exercises, and discussion.  And, as a special bonus, I’ll close each week’s session with a live communication.

Normally, you’d pay $450 to attend my workshop, but if you register before January 26th, you’ll get SIX WEEKS of training and coaching in telepathic animal communication for ONLY $147!  After that the price goes up to $297.

We may or may not do this again but one thing is for sure.  If we do conduct another session of the Animal Communication TeleClass later on, it definitely won’t be this inexpensive again.  So if you want to join us for this life-changing workshop this is the time!

We’ll meet for 2 hours each week, and I’m sure not only you, but your companions will be blessed by the skills you learn in the course.

We’ll meet from 6 to 8 PM Mountain Standard Time, but don’t worry if you have to miss a class, or the time isn’t convenient. Your early registration gives you UNLIMITED access to the audio archives.  You can download them to your computer or listen to them on your MP3 player at YOUR convenience.

Not only do you save money with your early registration, but you can listen to the webinar over and over again, reviewing some of the finer points to sharpen your intuition for your companion’s sake.

And for our international friends, this is a great chance for you to explore the incredible world of animal communication with Anna.  Just imagine, all these tools available for you at your convenience and ready for you when you are ready for them.

Don’t miss out, and please do join us on the call.  I so look forward to sharing this with you.

Happy Trails,

P.S. – Watch your email over the next several days, and you’ll learn just how much your animal companion and the actor Morgan Freeman probably have in common.


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