Holiday Specials to Benefit Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

Ho, Ho, Ho, How can you give and receive at the same time?
See below for three beautiful offerings from Holistic Herd members, All About Animal Massage, Tracy Vroom Craniosacral Therapy, and windhorseOne Studios.With the exorbitant hay prices (we went to Centennial Hay Auction today… YIKES!!!!) each of these members wants to help keep horses at home by donating to the Colorado Horsecare Food Bank and by helping you be inspired, creative, healthy and caregiving to yourself and your animals.

Let’s Shop and Help Together……..
************************************************************************ ALL ABOUT ANIMAL MASSAGE…..

Offering Online Massage Therapy Classes.  I’ve been watching these videos and they are AWESOME!!!  Thorough and informative.“Holiday Special: “Equine Back Pain” on-line course

Learn prevention, pain relief, and more, including anatomy and many bodywork techniques.

$100 discount_ AND_ $100 donation to Colorado Horsecare Foodbank!

Use coupon password HHH297

Or get a special discount on the HELPING YOUR DOG’S HIP class    PASSWORD IS HHH147, A reciprocal donation to Colorado Horsecare Foodbank included here too.

Offer expires January 15, 2012



Tracy offers beginner to advanced craniosacral therapy classes for horses.

She is launching her new 6 level, equine craniosacral therapy program in 2012. Sign up for a workshop and pay your deposit before January 15 and a percentage of your tuition will be donated to the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.  Contact Tracy at for more information and to sign up.

Offer expires January 15, 2012




 windhorseOne Studios.


The beautiful and inspirational work by Susan Williams.  Shop to your hearts delight and know you are feeding horses while you do.  Use coupon code HHCCCHFB and you’ll get 10% off your purchase while Colorado Horsecare Foodbank gets 20% of the normal purchase price.   Click Here to start shopping and feeding horses NOW…….   

Offer expires January 15, 2012 





Happy shopping and feeding and feeding and shopping…..   


Thank you for your help.  Colorado Horsecare Food Bank is a most needed resource rith now.  Visit their website for a little information about the work they are doing to help keep horses with the humans who love them.  Click Here… 

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