December 2011 Reiki Angels Testimonials

Reiki Angels Dec 2011

Seija Tillanen (Reiki Master)            –           Golden, CO Dec 2011

“I was attuned to Reiki I and II in December 2010 by Anna. She promised a somewhat roller coaster ride with the new energy frequency and she was absolutely right – at the end it is all good though! Over this last year I have done few hands on sessions for humans, several sessions for horses and dogs and I send Reiki energy from distance daily. Reiki helps me to feel closer to my loved ones even cross the ocean and being on the Reiki Angels list has made me really feel I am part of something way bigger than myself only.

Reiki has definitely become part of my everyday life and I was really looking for the Reiki Master attunement, which I received from Anna December 2011. Looking forward to the new phase in my life with an even higher energy frequency!

Overall the days spent with Anna and other participants practicing the Reiki sessions and feeling the power of Reiki energy was great. Thank you Anna!”

Kristen Mecca   –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“What a wonderful day! Anna is a brilliant teacher – knowledgeable kind, patient – I learned so much from her today.  And besides all the beautiful gifts I received form working with the horses, I gained valuable insights into myself.  How special to work with horses at a rescue too.  I feel blessed for having experienced today. Thank you”

Isadora Mielikki               –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Thank you for opening up this wonderful world of energy healing to me”

Alicia Puckett    –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“I learned many skills that will undoubtedly change my life.  Thank you for these precious teachings.  I will treasure these gifts for years to come”.

Vicki Borrelli                      –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Great Day working with Anna and a few polar opposites of horses to learn how to approach or re-approach, what the horses will receive, and when they are done…on their time table not mine”.

Christina Stinchcomb     –              Golden, CO Dec 2011

“Im very happy I took Reiki I & II again with Anna.  It gave me clarity and confidence – just what I wanted.  Much gratitude!  Looking forward to much more and particularly enjoyed the guided meditations – the gifts received.”


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