ROTHs Foals in Training – Graduation Day

Day 6 – Graduation Day!

Part I: Watch these faces, connect with their spirits & realize they are all bi-products and slated for slaughter. YOU can make a difference, just as we did – EDUCATION is key…children, women, men, doctors, race industry & pharmaceutical companies – we can reach them all! In just a handful of hours these 3-7 month old foals were handled in a gentle, humane way and gifted their handlers with life-changing experiences. Gifts that speak directly to the heart, through whispers they teach life-lessons. Through their trust in us, their respect, forgiveness and unconditional love, we carry the memories in our hearts. Save a life & call the White House – speak up against horse slaughter.

Part II:

You can choose to sit on the side-lines and watch life happen to you, or you can chose to take a risk, be prepared to be knocked down and get back up again and enjoy the ride of your life. Life is there to be lived! The Reach Out to Horses Foals in Training class is a one-of-a-kind. Dedication, commitment, hope, trust and faith are just a few words to describe what is needed to fund-raise, transport, save & gentle these souls. It takes a village to make these rescues happen. In return our hearts are filled & life will never be the same! Enjoy just a glimpse of how this class affected our participants as they introduce the foals to you..

Please share with your community far and wide – now the search is on to find their homes!

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