Update on Lola ~ Premarin Foal gentled by Anna

Hi Anna 🙂  I am a friend of Brooke Baxter’s and my little filly, Lola, is  premarin foal who you gentled.  Actually, Lola is now on the back cover of your foal training DVD!  I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks…for providing our angel with a ray of light and a place to hope.  I believe she actually told

Lola, Boude and Red

you she had found a home before coming to us.  She most certainly started coming to me in dreams and even told me what state she was residing in during a meditation 🙂  In the end, she traveled half across the US, and that was after already traveling to the east coast from Cananda, to find her place called home, with us.  We are blessed, each and every day, by her grace, beauty, and wisdom.  Thank you again.

With love and many blessings for and with the animals,

Beth Sabor

A Natural Path to Wellness for Animals and their Human Companions
www.holisticessence.com ~

PS:  I attached a more recent picture so you can see how she is growing up 🙂  The big guy is my 4 yr old belgian from a local rollover trailer accident, Boude and our wise old man, Red, is a 37 year old TW.


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