26 Slaughter-Bound Horses in Steamboat, CO Need Help



Horse Rescue and Equine Sanctuary

13639 Elsie Road, Conifer CO 80433

(303) 816-0766






We are forwarding this message on behalf of the contact

person below. We have no information other than what is

contained in this message.


Liza Jackson

P.O. Box 775546

Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

(970) 901-9378 (Cell)

(303) 484-3515 (Fax)



Help us prevent these horses from going to the slaughterhouse in Mexico!!!


Please help get the word out that there will be a ranch liquidation auction Nov. 5 here in Steamboat Springs, CO which will include 26 HORSES. Some of the horses are good trail and pack horses/mules, draft teams, etc. Some of them are older (up to 38 years old). I am working to make sure that they don’t go to the killers in Mexico or Canada. They are all extremely gentle. The owner of the ranch was a well-respected, generous lady who died suddenly about 4 years ago without a will, and this has been tied up in probate until now. Most of these horses have lived their lives there, shown hunters and trail riders the Rocky Mountains, and taken folks out on moonlight sleigh rides. The owner would never have allowed this to happen if she were still alive, but it has been ordered by the court. Here are a couple of links about the late owner, and the link with bios and photos of the horses:






If you or anyone you know can provide a temporary or permanent home for any of them, or can provide hay, or purchase hay, or can contribute money to purchase them at the auction, please let me know. Two local ranchers have already offered to provide a home for 2-4 horses, and has enough hay for them, but does not have the funds to purchase them. The killer price is 30 cents per pound, so we only have to beat that. If we get enough folks wanting to contribute money, I will arrange for a non-profit to collect the funds. Please help!


Harmony HorseWorks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and a horse sanctuary providing a forever home for a small herd of horses in the Colorado Front Range mountains. We specialize in despooking horses using our proprietary equine psychotherapy, Equine Stress Control Therapy (ESCT) and in despooking humans of their fear of horses or riding using PEAT energy psychology. We offer riding classes in the classical seat for adults, beginner level. Our philosophy is simple – animals have souls and a right to a good life, just as humans do. We are run by volunteers and funded by donations from the compassionate public.



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