Voice For The Horse ~ Launches Children’s Writing Competition ~ Subject Wild Horses!!

Voice For The Horse ~ Launches Children’s Writing Competition ~ Subject Wild Horses!!

With only a few days before our next show at The Mane Event Oct 21-23, 2011 at Heritage Park, Chilliwack we thought we would drop a quick line to let you in on some fun and exciting news for all our horse loving kids out there! Voice For The Horse has just launched our 1st Annual Children’s Writing Competition ~ Subject Wild Horses across Canada and the United States. The subject matter of this project was inspired by Atticus ~ The Wild Stallion from Deadman Valley, B.C. Canada who was captured this past winter of 2011. We are offering two different age categories 12 and under / 13 – 18 years of age. The writing competition offers a wide array of subject matter that will in fact intrigue the minds of all wild horse lovers alike. The competition officially began Oct 1, 2011 and runs straight through until Jan. 31, 2012 however we started pre-launch activity early to provide time for further networking, development and research to be able to provide more information for potential sponsors and participants of this first time competition. Waivers will be available at our Booth # 310 so please be sure to come by and pick one up for your horse loving kid’s !! Click here for Mane Event Expolocation and other details, hope to see ALL our horse loving friends join us for this fun and exciting event!

A few notes on the writing competition; we have already had essays submitted and even some poetry. Valentina from Italy contacted VFTH the other day asking to submit a poem close to her heart she had written about wild horses, of course we invited her wholeheartidly to share!!

This is my poem for wild horses.
I’m sorry for my English 🙂 Have a great day!

Wild hearts

I can see them.
They are running free in the vast prairie.
Their coats  like small
and fast spots on a wide expanse of green .
I can hear the sound of their hooves
who trample on the ground
playing the sweet melody of freedom.
In their pure hearts lives their wild soul.
It will live forever, as long as there is life.

Valentina Tropea ~ Italy

Meet Wild Horse Annie !!
Our Grand Prize for the writing competition is a trip for two to The International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) the oldest wild horse and burro organization in the United States and has been innovative in the field of wild horse and burro protection. ISPMB is pleased that they are able to sponsor an experience of a lifetime here at their ranch next year for the winner of the 1st Annual VFTH Children’s Writing Competition! Under the leadership of their first president, Velma Johnston, affectionately known as Wild Horse Annie, ISPMB and Annie were responsible for the passage of federal legislation in 1971 that gave protection to wild horses and burros on public lands from death and harassment.
Rodeo Sweetheart Guitar
As well as the writing competition going on, we thought we would through some other fun stuff in there for the best submitted you tube video of a child sharing with us what he loves about horses and the kinds of activities he does with his or her own pony or horse. Donated by VFTH Sponsor Country Singer Michael Oneil we have a Rodeo Sweet Heart Guitar and some great music Cd’s from VFTH Sponsor Country Singer Templeton Thompson to go with it!  To learn more about the Children’s Writing Competition, please visit our web site where you will be warmly greeted by Professional Reiner Jim Greendyk and singer/songwriter/artist Tiffany Desrosiers where they pay tribute to our respectful countries in the singing of our National Anthem’s Star Spangled Banner and O’ Canada for the launch of our writing competition.
Click on the photo below of Tiffany Desrosiers to learn about the Musical Production of the VFTH International Theme Song.
We are also very excited to announce that we have applied for charitable status which will assist us in our fundraising efforts. For any of our sponsor’s from the past that will be attending the Mane Event or new ones that would like to jump on board with us, we invite you to drop by our booth to say hello and learn more about the direction we have taken in offering children’s programs through VFTH which teaches them kindness to horses through social media and fine art projects. Click here to read our Vision Mission Mandate Statement VFTH is also presently seeking sponsorship prizes and if you like what you are learning about our newly forming organization, we would very much appreciate your sponsorship at this time for prize items for children that write the best stories. Voice For The Horse promises lots of exposure for you and your business as we have launched internationally throughout both Canada and the United States!
As Voice For The Horse enters our 5th year of fundraising and events to promote awareness for horses, we look back upon thousands of hours of volunteer time, study and research of the horse industry, in particular the hard side where horses have become victim to uncertain circumstances that can be life compromising for them. The charitable work of VFTH has been a self-funded project to date; we are committed to making a difference for horses not only of today but for those of our tomorrows through the advancement of equine education which teaches and reflects much on the sentience of the horse.
Have a wonderful weekend, hope to see you ALL at the Mane Event!!
Voice For The Horse

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