Horse and the Medicine Wheel

“I just came across this old photo.

Horse and the Medicine Wheel

When I first opened the Colorado Center for Spiritual Growth back in 1996, my first event was the building of a medicine wheel in my home pasture.  We had just rescued this young black Arabian Stallion.  He was given to us in exchange for paying off his overdue board bill.  He had been living in a small shed that didn’t even have a gate, and was standing in stomach high poop.  No one had touched him in a couple of years.  His feet were really bad and he was very skinny.  He was still weak and recovering when we had the ceremony.

After the ceremony we all went to our house for food.  Sky walked to the Medicine Wheel, turned around, and laid down right in the center.  My guests (44 of them) were all still there, and were moved to tears.  We figured he needed the new energy we had just created by our gathering, feeling our intention of love.  We all just stared at him, in awe.

This photo was taken from my deck off the studio over my garage.

When he was given to me, I was so distraught I didn’t even want to leave him there long enough to go home and get our trailer.  He had to leave that place NOW.   I simply walked him to our house from the boarding facility along the roads.  John followed us in the car.   The horse told me his name was Sky during our long walk home.  He told me he didn’t like his name, Midnight, because he’d been locked inside in the dark for so long, and he want to be called SKY.  He asked that I let him live where he could always see the sky.   I’m not an “animal communicator,” but I swear he told me this.  I heard it loud and clear.  It’s the only time in my life that I’ve been sure in my heart that I actually heard the voice of an animal, before or since.

Just thought you might enjoy this.

Love, Kris”


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