Nancy’s Reiki Experience

Hi. I wanted to share a Reiki experience with you. I was mentally hugging you today, Anna, because of your Reiki teachings. Did you feel it? 🙂

I have been in court for over two weeks, as a juror, listening to immense and intense evidence and testimonies regarding a nursing home death. We were split down the middle at 6pm on Friday, even after asking for an extra hour to deliberate. We showed up today looking tired and stressed because none of us had very good weekends — I even climbed the Mother Cabrini Shrine’s 386 steps yesterday to purge some of the stress. Anyhow, I woke up this morning with the epiphany that I needed to fill the jurors’ room with the healing energy. So, I placed the symbols on my palms on the drive downtown, prayed for the best outcome possible, and imagined the energy emanating from me as I entered the room. Well, things went from good to bad to good, we came to an agreement, and instead of saying crabby, exhausted “goodbyes,” we exchanged email addresses over beers, and gave big hugs as we parted! I know we wouldn’t have come to an agreement, nor parted so sweetly, without the Reiki energy’s help.

So, in my heart, I hugged you BIG TIME.

Love to you,
Nancy, CO

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