Holistic Horse Clinic Part II & Part III~ Testimonials 2011

Holistic Horse Clinic 2011 Participants

Sarah Brown – Kentucky
Every day I did something that moved me past a personal limitation of timidity or fear. Some of the exercises proved to be difficult, others ended up being fun. Anna and her team didn’t just teach the skills, they were there when I needed help through the tough spots. I felt safe, supported, and inspired.

I worked with a seasoned mule, a feisty pony, several young geldings, and a mini who was not easily impressed. I got to do so many different things, the depth of experience and range horses was amazing

Cindy Carrona – Connecticut
“I had an exhilarating two weeks and look forward to advancing my skills even more. I have attended clinics and courses taught by various clinicians and the ROTH Holistic Horsemanship course is by far the most comprehensive course Ive ever taken. I learned so much information in two weeks. My relationship with horses will forever be enhanced by the knowledge I have gained.”

Rhonda Clower – Indiana
“I came to this clinic “blind”, in that I had not been to a ROTH clinic of any kind before. I watched video number 6 and liked what I saw. I have tried other training methods with my own horse, but felt that partnership was what I REALLY wanted. I want him to work with me because he wants to, not because he is afraid of me. A horse who is my partner will save my life; a horse who is afraid of me will leave me in a bad situation.

Anna more than delivers on what the course promises. After two, all too short, weeks with her I feel that my horsemanship skills have improved 100 fold. I am absolutely continuing on with parts II and III because I cannot wait to keep learning with Anna and her staff. I am ready to go home and invite my horse into partnership!”

Mac Harris – Connecticut
“I attended this clinic not knowing what to expect and what I would gain from it. In the end I got more than I could ever ask for over these past two weeks I was able to grow in both a horsemanship sense as well as a personal sense. This was an eye opening experience, that serves as a glimpse into the language of the Equus and yourself. “

Vin Mancarella – Colorado
“The 2-week course is a phenomenal experience, not only for horsemanship but also my own personal growth. I felt that Anna and the team created an environment of fun, safety, non-judgment and openness. I knew I was in good hands and I felt safe and encouraged to explore and make mistakes.

Anna is second to none as a teacher. She looks effortless in her ability to lead the group, bring them through anything, keep the energy upbeat and light. And her knowledge of the methods, horse behavior and human growth & development is impeccable and very comprehensive.

The ups and downs, success and frustrations all lead to an exhilarating and rewarding experience. There is nothing like the 2-week course.

I feel very confident now in my ability to work with the horses. Thanks to the information, exercises and equine behavior I learned. My skill-set and my confidence have grown in leaps and bounds.

And thank you to Elaine & Cathy for their untiring knowledge and compassionate assistance. They were both instructional and irreplaceable for the success of this experience.”

Mary Robustelli – Connecticut
“My life is forever changed, my spirit forever nourished, my heart forever touched. A great experience to take with me along my path and will continue this path to wherever it leads. Thank you, Anna, for all the valuable life lessons through the horses”.

Camilla Ersson – Sweden
“I always have the time of my life on Anna’s courses, the teachers, students and of course the horses are really great”.

Liv Hektoen – Sweden
“The greatest two weeks in my life! With such a great group and fantastic teachers!  Lots of love to you all.”

Sonke Dose – Germany
“Thanks for allocating Chai to me.  It truly was an amazing experience to work with him.  Seeing his personality and his progress he made throughout the course was spectacular for me!  This guy will always have a place in my heart.”

 Yrsa Paulin – Sweden
“Learned so much from the horses thank you Anna, for giving us this opportunity”.

Julia Brandreth – Canada/California
“Anna, thank you.  Your support and insights.  This is an amazing path to be on.  You are consistently right on in your accuracy in choosing horses and what they can teach me.  Timely and profound.  I am so often reminded of where I need to go to get out of my own way.  I recommend this clinic for anyone working with horses, it is the only education designed to honestly give the horse a voice.”

Helen Green – France/England – Instructor
“Thank you Anna for your generosity as an instructor and your love as a friend.  I don’t thank you for the million and one tasks you made me doJ”

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