Horses destined for Slaughter on September 12th… Can you help?

See Pictures of these beautiful beings here.

About 50 horses need to be adopted or they will go to slaughter. They are in Crested Butte, CO.

My Dear Horse Friends, The following photos are of a herd of horses in Crested Butte. They were found starving in June by a neighboring rancher. He opened his pastures to them and they have been eating and slowly recovering. They will be shipped to a Mexican slaughterhouse next week. Sandy Jones is adopting 2 of them on Tuesday, the 6th. She is meeting the brand inspector there and is trailering 3 of them back to Evergreen. Pam Ogle is adopting a 3rd (buckskin filly) horse to be transported in Sandy’s trailer. Many of them have ringworm, which is easily treatable . It may require some quarantine from other horses for a few weeks. Their hoof condition is pretty good.

If you know anyone interested in providing a home for any of these horses, please contact Sandy (email address below) or phone 303-550-3836. I can provide transportation for two of them if needed. Sincerely, Brooke

2 thoughts on “Horses destined for Slaughter on September 12th… Can you help?

  1. i’ve just emailed sandy, and wanted to post that although i live in tucson, arizona, i have friends and contacts in denver and telluride (as well as horse owners in tucson and maryland) that i’m reaching out to. i have no yard, or else i’d take as many as possibke. am willing to help financially as much as possible if someone/anyone is able to physically house them. am ready to help financially asap. thanks, dusty

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