Please read horses will go to slaughter – see forwarded emails below

Fwd: please read horses will go to slaughter

I’m afraid there are too many of these stories. Juliana is the founder of the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank and a personal friend, so if she is forwarding this, I trust it to be accurate.

Could any of you foster or give one of these horses a home? Please forward to anyone else that could help.



From: “Juliana Lehman”

Subject: please read horses will go to slaughter

These horses are young and trainable

Happy Trails,

Juliana Lehman, Founder Colorado Horsecare Foodbank
(303) 670-1474 (303) 670-6762


From: Elizabeth Currier ~ Subject: Horse in Gunnison for sale!

Hi Juliana,

I just spoke directly with the rancher. He is not receptive to calls or inquiries. Any interest in the horses should go directly through me.

So – here is the situation ~

There were 60 starving, half dead horses whose owner could no longer care for them. The local rancher in Gunnison took them and they are eating well on his property. All of the horses are yearlings and many have never even had a halter on them. Once the hay is gone, the rancher is sending the horses he has left to Mexico. Some are going to a rodeo/cutting horse facility. The rest are going to slaughter.

According to the rancher, he has already sold 20, with approximately 40 remaining. There are some nice fillys and colts – mostly Quarter Horses. Paints, Palominos, Black, Sorrels – the whole rainbow.

He is selling them for $400 each. That is what he can get in Mexico for them.

They would all need their health certificates, Coggins test, etc. before they could be released.

If you know of anyone who would like to take a look at the horses, and could afford $400 for a yearling,please have them call or email me. They could stay with me in my bunkhouse during their visit.

This rancher is treating the horses well. They would all be dead by now if he hadn’t taken them to his ranch. It would be nice to be able to have even one more horse find a nice home.

Thanks, Juliana, for your time and devotion to all of the horses in need.

I look forward to seeing you at your event on September 10. My mom and sister and I will all be there to support you.


Liz Currier
(970) 596-8204






One thought on “Please read horses will go to slaughter – see forwarded emails below

  1. You Need to contact Susan Watts at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in Hot Springs South Dakota and see if she can help you.
    Look that up and her number is on there.. Great people and place.

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