Tallgrass August Newsletter

October 1st & 2nd in Littleton, Colorado
Join us for Anna Twinney’s unique course and build your understanding of equine behavior and generate your ability to have a two-way communication with horses.
Anna is an internationally recognized equine specialist. You will learn more than you ever thought possible about your equine companions. Being able to recognize how horses communicate is extremely important for everyone working with horses no matter what the discipline – Trainers, Riders, Owners, Massage Practitioners, Acupressure Practitioners…Anyone doing anything with horses.

Go to the Tallgrass website to register: www.animalacupressure.com – click on the Hands-On Schedule

Minnesota in the Summer? Yup, it couldn’t have been a better class…
The Intro to Small Animal Acupressure Course in Woodbury, MN on July 8-10 was the best. The number of dogs attending almost outnumbered the participants! With such a wide range of sizes and shapes of dogs, the participants had plenty of opportunities to practice honing their hands on skills. Thanks to all the two legged and four legged participants for two and a half wonderful days of learning!

A special thanks to Kate An Hunter of Carver Lake Veterinary Clinic for allowing us to teach at her beautiful facility and to Jenny Pavlovic for arranging for Tallgrass to come teach there. This is just a start, we will be back for another full round of courses in April 2012.

August ushers in the end of summer in the northern hemisphere. The grasses are tall and maturing into a yellow hue. Young animals are maturing, too.  It is a good time to plan for autumn and the gathering in of energy. The earth around us is transforming from rapid, intense growth of summer to the slower, gentle cooling of fall.

It won’t be long before winter gives way to the initial moments of spring in the southern hemisphere.  The fresh energy will begin to stir in animals and landscape alike. Remember to think about the strength and flexibility of ligaments and tendons.

Aug 15 – 16 – FULL –  Wait-List Only Equine or Small Animal Acupoint Energetics & Landmark Anatomy / Littleton, CO / Inst: Kim Bauer, Tammy Wolfe, Amy Snow

Aug 17 – 18  FULL –  Wait-List Only Indicators & Assessment / Littleton, CO / Inst: Kim Bauer, Amy Snow

Aug 19 – FULL – Wait-List Only Review & Study Day / Littleton, CO / Inst: Kim Bauer, Amy Snow

Aug 20 – Practicum 2011!  Graduation – CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2011 !

Sept 9(PM)-11 – Almost Full – Intro to Equine or Sm Animal Acupressure / Penn Valley, CA / Inst: Kim Bauer; Asst: Karen Shaw

Sept 12- 15 Almost Full –  Meridians & Specific Conditions I & II / Penn Valley, CA / Inst: Kim Bauer; Asst: Karen Shaw

Sept 30 (PM)-Oct 1-2 – Introduction to Small Animal Acupressure / Bancroft School of Massage Therapy – Worcester, MA / Inst: Kathi Soukup

Oct 1-2Exclusive Equine Behavior Clinic / Littleton, CO / Inst: Anna Twinney

Oct 14(PM) -16  1Spot Left –  Introduction to Equine Acupressure / Oak Harbor, OH / Inst: Kathi Soukup; Asst: Jill Golgosky

Oct 28(PM) – 30 Full  Introduction to Equine Acupressure / Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH / Inst: Kim Bauer; Asst: Jill Golgosky

TO REGISTER: http://www.animalacupressure.com
Remember: People reviewing a course only pay 1/2 price.
The 2012 Training Schedule is posted on the Tg website.

LISTEN!  Kim’s Speaking on Animal Spirit Cafe’s Mastery Hour – The Chinese Concept of Shen: The Spirit of the Animal
Kim Bauer, Tallgrass’ Lead Instructor, will be the guest speaker on the Animal Spirit Cafe’s Mastery Hour Wednesday, August 24th from 6-7pm (Pacific time). The topic is The Chinese Concept of Shen: The Spirit of the Animal.


The Chinese considered the spirit to be as vital a part of the body as blood and chi. This presentation will explore how the spirit of the animal affects his body in relation to each of his internal organ systems. Western medicine is finally catching up to the profound concepts that Chinese medicine has understood for 1000s of years – the spirit of the animal does have a lot to do with the animal’s health.


Access info and more can be found on the Animal Spirit Network website: http://animalspiritnetwork.com/cafe/mastery-hour-schedule/bodywork/2011-aug-24

Tallgrass & Bancroft in Worcester, MA – Intro to Small Animal Acupressure – Sept 30th afternoon & Oct 1st & 2nd
We are teaming up again with Bancroft  to offer Introduction to Small Animal Acupressure starting on September 30th, 3:00 to 6:00 PM and continuing for full days October 1st & 2nd. We have been working with Bancroft for many years to be sure to have courses available for you on the east coast.
Kathi  Soukup, Tallgrass Instructor and Practitioner, will be there to help you learn lots about Traditional Chinese Medicine and its application to help dogs and cats be strong and healthy.
Register on the Tallgrass website and we will send you all the logistics.

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The techniques presented in these courses and learning tools are designed to enhance the healing process and are not intended to replace conventional medical or veterinary healthcare. Tallgrass Practitioners do not provide medical diagnosis, prescribe medications or perform surgery. Seek licensed veterinary care when indicated.

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