A Home needed for Noli….

Date: July 18, 2011 3:00:00 PM MDT
Subject: Our Wonderful Dog Noli

Dear Friends and Family,

It is with a very heavy heart that I am finally writing this letter. After almost 2 years with us, we have come to the realization that


Noli needs a better home than what we can provide her. She has been “escaping” from our yard a few times a week for months, and being retrieved by neighbors, friends and the Humane Society. Our current home is quite small compared with the house she is used to and she is bored, which doesn’t help matters. Although she is pretty mellow and likes to snuggle and nap, she deserves more exercise and good outdoor time than we can manage with our busy schedules and baby.

We will not give her up unless we find a home that will love her and care for her better than we will so that is why I am reaching out to you. We are ready to begin searching for the perfect person/people to adopt her, and thought the best place to start would be by asking people who we know and trust.

Our ideal family for Noli: Active, loving, stable and kind. It doesn’t matter if it is a single person or a whole family, as long as they are able to devote the time and energy that a 65 pound Malamute requires. She is VERY sweet and loving, good with babies/kids, super friendly, doesn’t lick or bark but will sometimes jump up on you if she is excited. She LOVES other dogs and has been fine with cats, aside from being curious and following them around. As I mentioned before, she likes to lounge but would be much happier with a good long walk or run daily. She can keep up with a skier in the snow and thrives in the mountains. I’ve attached a photo of her sweet face. Please contact me if you have someone in mind who fits the bill.

Thank you!

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