Zuma’s Has Some Great Horses For Adoption

Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare

Buckskin mare at Zuma's - call 303.346.7493 for more information

Before considering a horse purchase, make sure you know all there is to caring for a horse. Horses live 30 years and they fall in love with their family. Selling horses is very hard on them.

Lecture over 😉

This is one of many like her rescued from a APHA Breeder ~ Come take a look.

Zuma’s has some great horses available for adoption, we do require that you spend at minimum 30 days getting to know your new horse before an adoption can be complete. Come out and visit us in Littleton.

Zuma’s Riding Academy – Non- Profit Horse Rescue providing excellent instruction on safe horses. Our horses never go in more than one lesson per day. Proceeds from our program support the 501C3 non-profit Zuma’s Rescue Ranch. Visit us at www.zumasrescueranch.com 303.346.7493

2 thoughts on “Zuma’s Has Some Great Horses For Adoption

  1. I keep my horses forever even the unrideable ones which at the moment outnumber the rideable and prevent me from getting more.

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