PegasusTV Live in L.A. – Announces No-Cost Advertising in August

**Reach Out to Horses will be launching their weekly episode with Pegasus in September!!**

July 7, 2011~~~PegasusTV Now Live in LA:

Announces “No-Cost” August Advertising for Equestrian Industry Companies


The Pegasus Television Network has successfully launched its first three targeted local broadcast channels and is now live and over-the-air in Angeles (PegasusTV / KDOC 56.4), Houston (PegasusTV / KUBE 57.4), and Fresno, CA (PegasusTV / KFRE 59.3). The new equestrian television network is now available to almost 21 million people in 11 million households located in hundreds of cities and towns within the geographical areas of these three television markets.

With its first three markets now in place, the network is reaching out to potential ad clients with an unprecedented marketing strategy — the network has set aside August as a “try before you buy” month, and will run television ads specific to the horse and ag industries at no cost to interested advertisers. Ads will be seen on television as well as the Internet via the “mirrored” webstreamed versions of the broadcast channels.

Any company is welcome to participate; ad spots are limited to those :30 or :60 seconds in length and must adhere to network technical guidelines. Spots will be placed as “run of network,” i.e., with no specific time slot, although consideration will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis to advertisers wishing to reach a more narrow demographic such as just English or just western program viewers.

Any company taking advantage of the August offer may continue on into September at a flat 50% off rack ad rates and through the last quarter of 2011 at special preferred discounts.

The company continues its policy of running complimentary infomercials and public service announcements for horse, ag and youth-related non-profit organizations, and is currently featuring the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the 4-H Club, the World Wildlife Foundation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other similar organizations. It invites all qualifying organizations to participate in its awareness program.

The network’s unique business strategy of delivering national horse-focused programming with customized marketing capability within each television market provides local equestrian communities with unprecedented opportunities for communication with its members as well as for reaching out to the general public. Each local PegasusTV channel provides education and entertainment to its viewers as well as providing a platform for industry exposure and and information on involvement in local and regional horse and ag-focused groups and organizations.

One of the key components of the network is the no-cost airtime provided on weekends to equestrian and ag-focused organizations and educational institutions, enabling them to reach members, students and interested individuals via television.

Santa Barbara, Bakersfield and Dallas channels will be launched later this summer; there are an additional 20+ markets nationwide already optioned and targeted for 2011 launches. By the end of the year, the Pegasus Television Network audience reach is expected to easily exceed the combination of both major satellite companies, providing one of the largest mass media advertising options in the industry at a fraction of the current cost.

Companies interested in participating in the August “try before you buy” campaign should contact one of the advertising representatives listed below or email an inquiry with contact information to as soon as possible.

Detailed information on how to find and watch Pegasus Television Network, as well as learning about content submission, general advertising and investment opportunities can be found on the website,

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