Rescue Foals from the Premarin Industry

The following article was written by Susan Williams in co-creation with Anna Twinney.

Horses in Art Magazine - Summer 2011

When you align yourself with people who share your passion magic happens. such is the case when two equine advocates susan Williams and Anna twinney met. susan, an equine intuitive artist, photographer and conscious creator at windhorseone studios, and Anna, an international equine specialist, natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator, energy Healer, and founder of reach out to Horses, had much in common. their combined love of the equine spirit along with a shared passion to educate, inspire, and teach people about the welfare of all equines cemented their friendship. they decided to join forces to make the world a better place for horses.

One of their collaborations was inspired by a visit to ray of Light, a rescue farm in Connecticut where equine Angels rescue sanctuary brings their rescued foals from Canadian feedlots where they faced probable slaughter. Annually these foals were cast off, disposable by-product of the Premarin industry. Premarin is a hormone replacement drug for women made……click here to read more.

Equine Angels

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