Reiki Testimonial

Mariah is asking for me to do Reiki on her by walking up and putting her forhead against my hand and lowering her neck for my other hand to rest just behind her poll or on her Throat Chakra! Often she will walk off for a few minutes and then walk back and do the same thing with her head and neck! She is yawning for the first time since I have owned her. Last Fall, Tim Holt had said that she was so tight he wanted me to do exercises with her jaw to stretch her TMJ so she would begin to stretch it on her own by yawning. She didn’t start doing the yawning (that I saw) until this month after I had been doing the Reiki “Heart-to-Heart” on her  2-3 times /wk. for several weeks. She would not let me put my hand on her head, neck, or throat until 2 weeks ago! I was very surprised when she walked up to me and just put her head against my hand.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with all of us! ~ Tina F.

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