Life Saving Film Launches Campaign to Go Far and Wide

“Saving America’s Horses”, a cause driven film just started the festival circuit, and has already won multiple awards including BEST OF FESTIVAL at its first showing in Los Angeles and is getting rave reviews but…… the slaughter of our American Horses may never end unless our horses are able to tell their story.

Thousands of horses are exported every year to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered for the purpose of wealthy dinner plates overseas, but “Saving America’s Horses” is the life saving film that can change all that for our American horses.

· “A powerhouse narrative.” – Paula Bacon, Former Mayor Kaufman Texas

· “A brilliant and heartbreaking exposé.” — Laura Allen, Executive Director, Animal Law Coalition

· “Masterfully presented and balanced rather than filled with graphic images.” – Larry Lindner, New York Times best-selling writer and former columnist for The Washington Post and The Boston Globe

· “It’s a life changing film!”—Michael Bailey, Producer/ Director Planetviews Productions, Environmentalist

· “Transcends the finest investigative journalism… A passionate reverence for all animals” — Debra Lopez, AAHS, Animal Advocate TV


Americans Against Horse Slaughter at about this PSA

Contact: Wild For Life Foundation at regarding the film.

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