Sherlock`s latest adventures at training class….

Sherlock would like to update the blog with his latest fun happenings at dog class.

He`s been learning to walk in formation alongside other dogs, has been doing recalls on the agility field at class.

The temptation to herd up the weave poles was too much of an attraction for him, having done that he recalled in turbo mode.

Forgot to apply his brakes, needed a rugby football tackle from me to stop him !

Last weeks class, he and another young male had to copy what a Labrador bitch was doing.When she sat/stood/laid down, they had to do likewise alongside. The acquired status went to the Labradors head, she got too full of herself, barked a lot.

Which resulted in her being sent outside/Naughty Cornered. She sat plus leash outside whilst her lady owner was inside holding the leash handle.

Upon being allowed in, she refused to even look at her owner.
It was way too funny !!! The expressions on the the Labradors face were “talking” very loudly and very clearly, utterly peeved at being sent out.

When Sherlock arrived home, he ran upto Jonty [behind the babygate] and sat telling him ALL about it.

I was sure he was saying “You wouldn`t believe what this silly Labrador bitch got sent out for at clas, and what she said about it afterwards” !

Jonty was sat laughing, so i`m sure the anecdote was reliably told by Sherlock.

Sherlock will be taking his Silver Award test in the 3rd week of July.

Best wishes and woofs to Anna and all at Reach Out to Horses.

from Jonty & Sherlock in Yorkshire /UK…..where the grass is greener because it rains such a lot !

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