Homes Needed for Rudy and Takota

Some 5 years ago I trained both Rudy and Takota to their halters, gentling them and brought them as far as I could as they would not be saddled. Having been what they have been through they deserve the best, their new forever home!

Hi Everyone, This is Rudy and Takota…they are the last of the Gardner Ranch horses to come off the ranch as babies. They are about 6 years old now ….they are in NEED OF A NEW HOME….they are beautiful, gentle and love people.

They need some room to roam and maybe green pasture. They have been well cared for but they are in a small pasture and it is vital that we find them a new home.. Please do what you can to pass this on…and let’s see if we can help. Maybe another state???? If anyone is interested they can call Blair at 688-9314. Thank you for doing what you can to help them. I appreciate it….any ideas to me would be helpful too. Gail

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