4 Part Video Series – Norway Natural Horsemanship

Reach Out to Horses colt starting demo in Norway with Irish Irene

Part I of 4 youtube clips completing a colt starting demo. Horse Whisperer Anna Twinney meets Irene, an Irish mare who traveled the whole way to Norway. Once home, her owner realized she was not touchable, sedated for hoof trimming. Started under saddle a year previously, then turned out due to owners personal concerns. Anna restarts this mare under saddle – giving a voice to the voiceless she reads Irene’s personal message. In this clip you can follow along during the Reach Out understanding the true value of round penning.

Natural horsemanship colt starting with Anna Twinney in Norway

Part 2 of 4 video clips. “If you want facts about the horse, you get them from the horse, if you want opinions, get them from humans.” J Allen Boone. During Anna Twinneys Norwegian clinic she was asked to restart a young Irish Mare under saddle. Having prepared her over 2 days, reading Irene and filling in “holes” Anna plans to start Irene in the round pen taking it one step at a time. Follow along as she introduces several steps to build a successful relationship. Hard to believe you could not get close to Irene just 2 days prior!

Horse Whisperer Anna Twinney starts Appaloosa Mare under saddle

Part 3 of 4 DVD clips showing Irene (Appaloosa mare) being started under saddle. Without any stress, trauma, force or fear Anna Twinney reintroduces Irene to the saddle after a year in Norway’s pastures. While “tradition” often ties horses up during this part of training, Anna creates a communication system allowing the horse free movement and upon investigating this new saddle sensation invites Irene to join her. With confidence growing Irene graduates from each goal, ready for the next.

Uncovering the art of ground-driving with Anna Twinney

In this final of 4 DVD clips Anna Twinney demonstrates “riding from the ground”. As she restarts Irene under saddle Anna begins to teach Irene forward motion, direction changes, transitions, listening to the lines. She builds these lessons up by bridging the gap between body language, her hands through to the horse’s nose (no bridle was introduced). As the demonstration comes to an end Anna decides to finish following the ground driving as her “owner” has physical restrictions and will be not riding Irene at this time. With the horse’s best interest at heart Anna does not proceed to introducing a rider.


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