Animal Communication Testimonial – Sterling

Hi Anna,

I really just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I appreciate the freedom I now have around communicating with my and all animals because of our workshop here in NJ.  My new boy Sterling PRE colt whose 1st birthday was in May came to me 6 months ago.  He got his name because it describes his character.  He is lovely in every way.  When I first met him, he was telling me stuff and I just knew and acted accordingly and it has never stopped.  He is so communicative!  This relationship has allowed me to hear my other animals. There is such a freedom and connection in this piece that adds such dynamics to relationship!  Patches clearly told me from the other side of the field yesterday that “this hay is bad”  I asked, bad, like not good or you don’t like it?  She said bad like bad and sure enough, the round bale had gone moldy.  The bale was far away, so I would not have checked on it if she had not told me to. It ‘shouldn’t’ have been moldy. So thank you for the good work you have dedicated your life to.  You make a difference in the world.

Love,  ~Mary Ann Brewer~
In the Company of Horses Inc.
“Explore What’s Possible”

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