The End of the Story – Animal Communication

StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000002055 Hello!

I just want to tell you about the end of the story about my little shetlandpony and what she was telling you last year when you did the communication with her! Last year in may I was on the Animal Communication course for you i Nora (Stall Danora), Sweden. And you did a little demo with my shetland pony Mumsan. I don’t know if you remember? Anyway, I asked you to tell her that she and my other horse have to move in august but we all will move home in may again. And she repeats that no, they (she and my other horse) will move in october and come home in april this year.

I could’nt understand way she keep repeating that, because I will start study in august 2010, and finish in may 2011. Under that time my arab should move with me to the west coast of Sweden, and Mumsan should stay at my mothers place.

As I told you last fall, it became like Mumsan said, the horses dosen’t move until october! That for the arab got lame and need to stay home until that time. And now, for about 1,5 week ago, I toke my arab with me back home. My studies is’nt finnished, but because of different reasons, and some troubbles in the stable where I have Wawrzyn (the arab), I took him home at the 15 april, when I also was going to have a brake around easter. And the 16 april Mumsan also came home again! So now, for the next month when I finnish my studies, my husband is taking care of the horses.

They were booth very happy to came home again, and it almost look like they never have leav home!

So, Mumsan was so right about everything, I have no idea 🙂

Thank you for convey her thoughts to me!


Maria Vallak

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