Sherlock Oes pup got his Bronze KC canine good citizen award

Hello Anna,

Hope this finds you..somewhere on your travels!

Sherlock gained his UK KC Bronze Award Canine Good Citizen.

So he would like to send that info for your Blogspot! He behaved very well in what were very trying circumstances. Had a very prolonged wait past the scheduled start time to be tested.

Then numerous vexations caused by others [disorganized etc].

He was getting really hungry as he`d missed his midday meal due to us traveling.

So guess where they decided to do the “Doorway control task”?

Yes, a small kitchen off the venue reception room where a trainer had been cutting up a huge lump of cheese to use for the “Food Distraction task” for dogs doing a more advanced task in the next/main room.

Food distraction isn`t a required task for the Bronze Award, and doorways are usually a very reliable task due to having strict control over doorways at the house here.

Anyway, he did the task but not quite with his usual finesse !

The Controlled Wait/Stay task for a timed one minute, he`d already done that by being used [unscheduled!] as a Distraction dog for another one doing the Silver test/award. Yet they refused to allow him that as the required one minute Wait for his own test and made him Wait again.

Sherlock will be 8 months old on the 15th of May, had done the training at home not at classes.

JONTY says that he is proud of Sherlock but that its”ONLY a Bronze award and HE has got the Gold Award”!

Next photo session will be in a local meadow aglow with golden buttercups.

The Oes boys will be taken there and photoed individually to get the best results from each of them.

Hugs & woofs from us in Yorkshire,


Jonty & Sherlock

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