Animal Communication Story

Hi Anna,

I know that you are cruising around the world this month but I felt compelled to tell you this story. I have told anyone and everyone who would listen but I don’t think you have heard it.

When Bouie was whinnying in his races, we had him checked out, head to toe, inside and out, by three different vets. Darlene insisted he was crying out in pain during the races and I just could not see what was wrong with him. After yet another race with Bouie trumpeting down the stretch, I spoke with Dr. Lowdermilk, again. All he said was “You need to contact an animal communicator”.

Well, I didn’t know any and neither did he. That evening I sat down at my computer to do some searching. Low and behold, one of your newsletters appeared in my email box. My daughter, Beth, had signed up for the newsletter because she was fond of the mustangs. I accepted it as fate and browsed your website.

Well, what could I lose by giving it a try? Although skeptical, I kept an open mind. I had always wanted to learn animal communication and had already read several books. The skepticism came from knowing that there are phonies out in the world. I would know soon enough.

About 30 seconds into the consultation, my first thought was “WOW! She is the real deal!!!” I was excited about all the details you gave me, which I elaborate on when I tell the story to someone. Everything was so accurate but the real test would come in just three more days. It was Bouie’s LAST chance. If he did not earn a paycheck, Darlene was shipping him off. You know the outcome of that race! It was the beginning of a new life for him. I credit you with not only saving his life, but also giving him a new outlook in his career which turned him into a productive and happy horse.

Now, looking back on my notes with Freckles, once again, everything was right on. From her description of her paddock, to the three different water sources she had, to the length of time she was ill, when she became ill, all the way down to the minute I found her lying on the ground.

She mentioned a dark horse that was a relative. I first thought she was referring to her friend in the adjoining paddock, Kremlin Secretary, a dark chestnut whose daughter was here for a while. Now, after she talked about Nickel, the dark bay with the ‘learning disability’, I believe Freckles was talking about his sister, JoJo.

JoJo was born and raised here, then went to be a lesson horse at a nearby farm. When the farm owner needed to reduce her numbers, she asked if I would take JoJo back. This happened after Freckles had passed, which is why it didn’t dawn on me that the dark colored relative she was referring to was JoJo, who is black.

I can not thank you enough for connecting with Freckles for me. Although I was hoping that she could provide with us with some clue as to what happened to her, it is comforting to know that she went peacefully and exciting to know that she still visits us. I will be listening for messages from her!

Stay safe in your travels and hopefully I will see you this fall.

Love and gratitude from us all.



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