Reach Out to Horses’ Anna starts Spanish Mustang, Bratley, under saddle

During the Reach Out to Horses colt starting clinic Anna Twinney demonstrates the powerful use of starting a 5-year old Spanish Mustang colt. During his 2nd day saddling Bratley gets introduced to another kind of rider – a dummy rider. An ideal way to experience weight, movement and noise prior to a human being mounting. Minor steps make major differences.

Anna Twinney, horse whisperer and animal communicator dedicates her time to raise awareness towards gentle horsemanship methods. Much of her time is spent fund-raising for local and international equine rescues and giving horses a 2nd chance to find their special person. During this colt starting week she spends time at Shiloh Acres in Fort Collins. In this short DVD Anna shares her knowledge, gained by starting hundreds of horses, with you. Bratley, a Spanish Mustang, who is taken care of by Adam Edwards of CO proudly represents his breed throughout the demonstration.

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