URGENT – Arca – Gorgeous 3 yr old purebred GSD in need of rescue

The Meeker Animal Shelter has a beautiful approx. 3 yr old purebred long-haired female GSD that needs to be saved. She used to belong to a guy who ended up in jail. Once he came out of jail, he never came to claim her. So, no history is known about this girl. She is great with people and kids 10 yrs and older. Arca is also very trainable, smart and loyal. She acts grumpy around other dogs at this time but it could be due to her being in heat or being stressed from being in the shelter. She may have Pannus which is supposedly common in the GSD breed but we were told that is treatable with eye-drops and probably should be checked out again by a vet. We did not notice anything wrong with her eyes. She just came into heat and has 2-3 weeks to go to a GSD Rescue or she will be put down. This poor girl needs a second chance to a wonderful happy home. Please please help Arca. We are devastated thinking that this pretty girl may be euthanized. Andrea and Kathy, Volunteers Kathy’s e-mail address is: wayne_nielsen48@q.com Kathy’s contact number is: 970-878-4207

Thank You Katie – German Shepherd Rescue of the Rockies

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