I was just made aware of this bill before the Senate which some claim will put all alternative and complementary practitioners out of business.  I have attached the bill…it doesnt on the surface appear to be much different from the old law in place, however, in effect, some say it will put pressure on pet groomers and those who clean companion animals teeth without anesthesia.  There is also talk that it will shut down massage therapists, chiros, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, etc.

Being a bodyworker/energyworker, I am concerned about the practical application of such a bill, however, I also know that vets are losing money hand over fist right now due to the economy and they keep raising their prices.  This bill comes from the California Vet Board lobby….

Those of us looking for affordable, healthy, health care for our animals may wish to take a look at this bill and contact our representatives in Sacramento to make sure they realize we want choices!

What I fear is the interpretation of this law.

So here it is for your rumination!

For the horses,

Janet L Meyer, Ph.D., EBW

Director, Spirit of Equus Rescue


Visit our sister site at <>


Apple Valley, CA

Serving horses in crisis since 2002.


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