Hello and Thank You

Our herd this winter with Katie and neighbor friend Alexander.

Anna and Vin,

I wanted to share that this weekend I spent painting due to a wet/cold front that moved in and just loved listening to Anna’s pod casts especially the one with Dr. Kirkpatrick! Wow!!!! Amazing so many good points I wanted to put down my paint brush and run to my desk and write them down! This is such a hot topic and so important!!! Thanks for broadening my perspective and giving me the opportunity to continue my education even though I am in Oklahoma and Anna is traveling the world!

Hope all is well with both of you!! I continue to assist Robert Hayes, and we have developed a relationship with the local horse rescue working with the horses that come in and are unadoptable and need a professional. Robert is amazing with them and is an eternal optimist. I assist him with many things, but manly work on his herd of 50 (that he has acquired over the years for one reason or an another) to be trained as family horses and sold. Last year I spent the year on one horse and she was sold to a family with three children. So it is a slow process with a lot of love that goes into it and is very rewarding to finally place the horse in a family that will love them for years to come.

At home with my herd I offer horsemanship lessons to children and really any age…but I really focus on children, educate them on horse behavior, safety around horses and then we approach the gift of riding. It is a non-rushed program with 100 % attention on how the particular child responds to the horse and vice versa. So far I have had a great success rate of instilling lifelong basic knowledge about horses so that the family will be successful horse owners and feel confident doing whatever their heart desires with their horse. I am extremely passionate about creating a positive environment for the child and horse and educating the parents along the way. This line of work fits perfectly into our lifestyle with Katie heavily involved now the age of eight.

My art is doing very well, and continues to pay my horse bills. J I just seem to be taking opportunity as it comes…I appreciate what you both have done for me and just wanted to give you an update. Hope all is well with you and your family!




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