Home Needed for Mooney


We are trying to re-home Mooney. He belonged to Cary, Danny’s daughter and her family but they were unable to take him to Switzerland when they moved. I’ve attached pics and a description of him. If you or someone you know would love a great cat let me know!! Mooney is approximately 7 years old. A TOTAL love-bug. I have the vet bills from Cary & Ryan and looks like he’s due for rabies this June. I looked at his teeth and they look fine to me (what I could see). I believe he’s in pretty good health. I think he weighs around 12 lbs. Probably could stand a bit of a diet.  I have his pet carrier, pet bed, litter box, dishes, tons of toys, brushes (he LOVES to be brushed), scratching ‘post’ things he uses, a big container of dry food, some canned and good sized bag of litter. He is an indoor cat. I suspect he wouldn’t know what to do outside and I would worry about him going outside. I’ve never seen him scratch on the furniture, so he seems real good about using his scratchers.  He would be a perfect friend for the right person. Please email info@reachouttohorses.com if you are interested.

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