Animal Communication Success

Thank you again for our wonderful session yesterday! That was an amazing experience and I feel even closer the pups now that I’ve had a chance to communicate with them, through you.

I thought you’d like to hear this: I didn’t get a chance to tell you the difficulty I have had (for years!) when it comes to mealtimes for the dogs. Dixie loves to eat and becomes almost unbearable any time I go to feed them (she growls, barks, jumps up on me, etc). We used to feed Cody first…but with Dixie’s insistence of eating first, we’ve been feeding Dixie first for a few years now. When I went to feed them this morning, I moved Cody’s bowl into the same room as the others (we used to feed Cody in a separate room due to Dixie’s behavior) and gave him a scoop of food. I was fully prepared to fend off Dixie and as I looked around to stop her from approaching Cody, I noticed her sitting patiently across the room by her bowl – with a cute smile on her face! I couldn’t believe it! That has NEVER happened before! AND, to my amazement, it happened again tonight – exact same scenario!! I am beyond amazed and so grateful to you for facilitating this!

Thank you so much Anna!

Carol Ames

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