Animal Communication Success Story

I am not sure if you want updates since I did not ask I thought I would send you a quick note. Mycroft was right my new puppy Isabella is very feminine and funny. He has been good with her and seems to enjoy eating whatever food she does not so he seems happy. Furstleicht actually urinated outside for a day and then went back to urinating in her stall but she no longer eats the hay she has urinated on so I am happy with that. Horton did the same he also no longer eats the hay he has urinated on so I will accept that. I bought a barrel for the arena and put cones in the arena as well. I also gave him a carrot with the understand he not mug me. He tried really hard and once I got on him he started to be bad and I reminded him I kept up my end of the deal and then so did he. He walked in the arena to the barrel and got his carrot. We then worked in the arena and he did not try to leave nor misbehave again. I know he may not be perfect everyday but Ann I was so happy and wanted to let you know that all is good and I really appreciate all you did for us. ~ Joy


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