Lost Dog Update: Wrigley

Wrigley is a 9 year old medium sized Welsh Springer Spaniel with a long tail, wearing two collars, shaggy and ragged by now.  He is friendly but perhaps shy and responds to food and kindness.

If you see him, please immediately call 914.234.9534 (home) or 914.261.1164 (cell) and we will be there as soon as possible.

Wrigley was lost by the dogwalker from our yard in Bedford Village on Dec 21.  Seen Dec 29 & Jan 13 (positive IDs, still wearing a red shock collar and purple fabric collar) in Pound Ridge. Seen Feb 4 in North Stamford near the Mead School (River Bank Rd & Farms Rd) where he tried to jump onto 3 different cars but no one tried to help him. Seen on Cedar Hill Road in Armonk on Feb 11, eating garbage at two different houses (the caller didn’t tell me til the next day!).  Seen Feb 12 near the Gulf Station at the top of Long Ridge Road at Route 172 in Bedford, heading south.  Seen Feb 17 on Chestnut Hill Road in N Stamford, east of the park, near #227 Chestnut Hill Road, sitting by the side of the road looking lost.

Thank you so much; we rely on the community to help us locate him and then get him home after all this time outside.

Sue Benjamin


One thought on “Lost Dog Update: Wrigley

  1. Haven’t noticed any recent updates about Wrigley. Hoping he has made his way back home. I have kept my eye out for him since he first went missing

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