URGENT Missing Dog – Wrighley

I have just completed an animal communication consultation with Sue Benjamin in Bedford, NY.  Her beloved Wrighley has been missing since Dec 21st.   Herewith a bit of an extract from the email she sent:

“The electronic fence was working but the collar battery was probably dead.  Was seen shortly afterwards running down a main street, into a


wooded area half a mile from home.  Was seen midday Dec 26 two miles east of home, in a driveway, then ran into a tree nursery, just before Blizzard #1.  Was seen 8 miles from home in a quiet small rural community with a small commercial area, on Dec 29 running down the main street into someone’s yard.  He let a woman get within 5 feet of him; she confirmed he was still wearing both of his collars and tags, then he ran into the woods.  We saw his pawprints Jan 1 – Jan 3 all around a supermarket parking lot.  Then nothing until he was seen again by two people around 9am on a main street one mile west of that location (a little closer to home) and turned into a quiet street and disappeared.   We’ve had 3 more blizzards since then and single digit temperatures at times.”

I believe Wrigley is still alive and the consultation close to 1 hours revealed he is healthy.  He needs to approach a person and move from the forest to the local village to get help.  Please send love and light, prayers and positive thoughts for Wrigley to gain the courage to show himself, essentially approach or stay for a person to help him.  He we be welcomed home with love, rubs, attention, food…you name it.  We can all pool our energies to give him the courage to make this move before the next snow storm reaches NY.

His Home:
Sue Benjamin
Train Band Road
Bedford, NY 10506


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