URGENT!! Home needed


Hey guys…I am begging for help on this sweet HURT dog. His name is Koala and he is currently at the KCMO Animal Shelter called Halfway Home for Pets….He is a Catahola Mix. He is about a year old and weighs about 40 pounds. He loves other dogs, loves people and doesn’t seem to mind cats (only walked past them with NO aggression so assuming he would probably be fine)…He is so laid back and easy going…He came in to the shelter with a hurt leg…After the vet at the shelter looked at him, this is what he believes: “KOALA APPEARS TO HAVE A TORN ACL-ITS ON PAIN MEDS AND ANTIBIOTICS, IT NEEDS XRAYS TO CONFIRM AND PROBABLY SURGERY BY AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON.” The shelter is NOT able to do this kind of surgery and this sweet guy needs out…He does NOT feel well and is very depressed, not to count the fact he is in PAIN…This is a painful injury and I am begging someone to help us so this dog does not sit in his cage another day suffering, he has already been here a few weeks….Please help me get this guy out…. We can offer to help assist with some money for this guy as well…Whatever it takes to get him OUT and treated…

If you can help me, please call. My cell is 913-963-4656…This guy is SUCH an amazing dog and doesn’t deserve to sit and suffer any longer… Thank you so so much. Katie

PS- the picture doesn’t do him justice…He is beautifully marked.


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