Congrats Robert Raine on “Three is a Magic Number”

Article by Reach Out To Horses instructor Robert Raine

“Thousands of pages have been written on the art of horsemanship, and I’m sure just as many on the art of leadership.
The objective now is to give you the three main aspects that will facilitate your methods of leadership, both in your life and with your horsemanship skills. There are many fantastic methods in the world and yet the method is precisely that; a method. Without true leadership it is just a repetition of behaviours and nothing more than a one-way communication.
The past, the present and the future. Faith, hope and charity. The father, son and the holy ghost. Throughout everyday lives the number three occurs regularly. Strangely enough, considering the two legged animals with ten fingers and toes, we always come back to three.
In the coming series of articles we will be looking at the number three and how it directly affects your horsemanship skills, as well as your life. It’s not just a joke or a clever advertising jingle that three is a magic number.”…….click here to view the full article.


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