Equine Awareness Day – May 2011



www.voiceforthehorse.com and www.equinisity.com invite you to share in a celebration and awareness day for horses throughout the world. Horses have been our companions since humans first discovered they could take us further and faster than we could go alone. Equines are now stepping forth in new capacities as teachers and healers, partners and friends. Whether you offer Equine rescue, horse therapy, a new natural way of horsemanship or healing with horses, now is the time to tell your story. The event will take place any day you pick during the month of May 2011. We ask you to post your story (what you or your organization does with horses) in your local paper sometime during the next two months, including your date and what you are offering, and invite people to tell you why they would like to come and participate in your offer. (It should be titled EQUINE AWARENESS DAY, a non-profit event). You then pick some winners and host an EQUINE AWARENESS DAY offering the winners and the press a free day at your facility to increase awareness of how special our horses are.
If you would like to participate, you are invited to contact Liz (liz@lizmittenryan.com) or Yvonne Allen (yvonne@voiceforthehorse.com) and we will send you an outline of what we are offering which you can tailor to your group, and also post your information and links on VoiceForTheHorse.com, lizmittenryan.com and equinisity.com. and with our participating media sponsors. Together we can be a Voice For The Horse worldwide.
We have also reserved the domain www.equineawareness.org – to put the information up, list sponsors, share stories etc.

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