Anna Twinney is Starting the Year Off Right!

Join Her in Maui this February.

Private Lessons

Take your Horsemanship to the Next Level and Solve Your Toughest Challenge with Anna by Your Side 

February 15th, 2011 Maui

Private Horsemanship Lessons

Are you struggling with a particular challenge in your horsemanship?  Would you rather have a trust-based partnership with your horse instead of fear-based dominance?  Perhaps you would like to take your horsemanship to an entirely new level?

Well now is your chance to work with Anna, one-on-one, on your specific challenges or personal goals.  Whether it be horsemanship, nutrition, animal communication, loading, round-pen work, or creating that trust-based partnership with your horse;

No matter the issue, let Anna show you how to solve your toughest problems.

Reserve your spot now as Anna has a limited number of appointments available and they will go fast.

For more information or to reserve your spot contact: Yvonne Bringuel at

For more information about Anna and the Comprehensive Reach Out to Horses Program®, visit

The Holistic Horse Day with Anna Twinney

Spend the Day Learning the Foundations of the Reach Out to Horses® Program

February 16th, 2011 Maui

Holistic Horse Day

The universal communication between horse and human, known as “horse whispering” involves more than just one-way body language communication.  It includes the understanding of energy work, intuition, natural equine dynamics, and most importantly, learning how to apply all the tools to create a genuine, gentle trust-based partnership with your horse.
During this one day event you will learn:

“De-Mystify the Round Pen”

  • How to Create the ultimate foundation with your horse
  • The importance of herd dynamics & behavior
  • Body-language and energy talk
  • Creating a 2-way communication system
  • To use your eyes like a pro
  • How to determine when the Round Pen is NOT the right tool
  • Understanding how horses perceive your actions
  • To discover the how’s behind the why’s
  • How to “Mirror” or “Match” your horse

“Muscle Testing”

  • Learn about the body, mind, spirit connection
  • How your thoughts, limitations and beliefs affect your daily life
  • Get direct feedback from your body – the body does not lie!
  • The power of visualization and its connection with your horse
  • How to test your horse for any supplement, feed or deficiency
  • How to address energy blocks

“Animal Communication”

  • Discover the ability to connect with another being
  • Steps to uncovering your innate gift
  • Insights into this new language of images, emotions & thoughts
  • The scientific perspective
  • When to utilize the services of an animal communicator
  • How to enhance love, respect and understanding between you and your companion
  • Share thoughts, ideas, feelings & messages
  • Understand your animal’s perspective on situations
  • Reasons behind behavioral issues & resolution techniques
  • …and much, much, more!

For more information or to reserve your spot contact: Yvonne Bringuel at

For more information about Anna and the Comprehensive Reach Out to Horses Program®

Take Your Partnership with Your Horse to a Whole New Level!


3-Day Animal Communication Workshop

Find out what your animal companion is thinking? 

February 17th – 19th Maui

3-Day Animal Communication Workshop

Maybe you’d like to know why your cat seems to be moping around? Or perhaps you want to make sure your dog likes your new house.  Whatever your questions now is the time to ask them all.  Welcome to the world of Animal Communication.

Animal Communication, also known as interspecies communication is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species and literally communicate with them using images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and even words.

During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Listen to your animal companion
  • Enhance love, respect & understanding between you and your animal friend
  • Gain new insights into who they really are
  • Share thoughts, ideas & feelings

This heart-to-heart connection can be learned and experienced by everyone.  It simply takes an open heart, open mind and a willingness to listen to the animals.

You can experience the beauty and harmony that is possible when you open up and realize that all living creatures are intelligent beings, with their own feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires and perceptions of life.

All the participants of this amazing 3-days will:

  • Enjoy an interactive conversation with your animal friends
  • Learn the animal’s behaviors, knowledge and perspectives on situations
  • Discover any discomforts they may have
  • Have the opportunity to listen to your animal companion’s thoughts, feelings and attitudes
  • Greatly enhance your relationship with one another and bring great joy and happiness into your life

Let Anna Take You on a Journey Into the World of Animal Communication!
For more information or to reserve your spot contact: Yvonne Bringuel at

For more information about Anna and the Comprehensive Reach Out to Horses Program®,
Space is limited so Sign Up Today!


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